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We Take a

Personal Approach

to Credit Management

Ask for credit repair service recommendations and receive a free estimate.

Your Credit Confidantes

Jem Solution in Hialeah, Florida is the brainchild of Jondy Martinez, a credit restoration specialist with more than 5 years of industry experience. Always eager to help people facing tough credit score challenges, he put up our company.

About Jondy Martinez

Jondy began working in the field of finance at 18. Through the years, he has been providing companies and small business owners, as well as private individuals with sound credit management advice.

For any credit repair and restoration solution to work, Jondy believes that this must be configured bearing the client's personal financial situation in mind. This enables a personalized approach to boosting scores and fully restoring the lender's confidence in anyone applying for a loan, or any vendor selling to customers buying on credit.

Our Mission

We are here to guide and educate each and every client to have the knowledge and ability to keep finances in order.

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