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Ask for credit repair service recommendations and receive a free estimate.

See Results In 30 Days !

Gaining access to financial assistance from banks and lending institutions can be difficult for people whose credit scores do not look good. If you' re currently going through such a predicament, be disheartened not. We'd be happy to get your credit fixed in 30 days.

3 Practical Options

Get Your Free Credit Consultation Today

At Jem Solution in South, Florida, we offer 3 effective credit repair solutions. We provide you with a free consultation as we review your credit history. And then, we recommend a customized program that can effectively address your credit score issues.

Rest assured that any program recommended is so configured so that you always get the desired results. These options include:

New location,

Atlanta Georgia!

Receive Informed Analysis

We provide individuals and business owners with the professional guidance sought after when managing finances. Likewise, we help small business owners analyze tough financial situations and then offer practical solutions.

Aggressive Disputes

We focus strongly on providing excellent customer service and aggressively dispute items that need to be resolved in your report. At the same time, we personally see to it that you are always updated with the progress of the credit repair. Contact us today to set up an appointment with any of our credit restoration specialists.

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